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What is Dokha?

Originating from Gilaki in northern Iran in the 1400’s Dokha is a an Arabian blend of tobacco that consists of finely shredded tobacco, which is mixed with herbs, bark and leaves. Dokha is most commonly smoked in places such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi in the UAE as well as other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Middle East countries.

Dokha is usually bought in specialised tobacco stores such as that offer a wide range of strengths and flavours.

Dokha is usually supplied in a variety of plastic bottles and containers to which are sold at various prices depending on the quality of the Dokha tobacco.

The Dokha is smoked in an wooden Arabic pipe type which is called a midwakh. Most modern midwakh’s have a filter tip however the traditional pipes did not have a filter.

The nicotine content is higher than cigarettes so dokha smokers generally smoke less often.

Dokha pipe

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